The characteristics of the constitution are, like the properties, immutable, since they refer to the physical form of the Khepri.

Morphology: the physical form of the Khepri, which determines its denomination within the species. It is its essential profile:

  • Destroyer: Compact, legs in alert position, head and body in similar proportions.

  • Glider: Sleek, elegant, slender shape; legs tucked in, glossy and ornamental texture.

  • Blister: Bulbous shape, body larger than head, uneven legs, industrial texture.

  • Myrmidon: Short, stocky but small size, short front legs in attack position.

  • Automaton: Robotic appearance, large dorsal eyes, hard shell.

  • Nautilus: Harmonious shapes emulating an underwater vehicle, ornamental steel texture, symmetrical and elegant legs.

  • Chrysalis: Sheath appearance, teardrop shape, luxurious texture.

  • Macrocephalus: Cephalopod-like body, head larger than the body, tentacular legs.

  • Cruiser: Cruise spacecraft-shaped body, mechanical texture, legs almost assimilated to the body.

  • Prowler: Small in size but streamlined, space fighter shaped body, aerodynamic.

  • Cannon barrel: Barrel-shaped body, legs characterized as pipes, bronze and shiny texture.

  • Smokestack: Pipe body and pipe legs, but flat, resembling a factory chimney; industrial texture.

  • Iris: Realistic appearance, beetle-shaped, but with multi-colored metallic texture.

  • Mournful: Beetle-shaped amulet appearance, bluish texture, arcane symbols.

  • Vulcan: Lunar insect shape, antenna-like legs, volcanic texture.

Armor: measures the hardness of the Khepri's thorax. It ranges from 8 to 18 points.

Weight: gravitational force of the Khepri, measured in a range of 8 to 18, whose score is equivalent to a number of kilograms.

Size: Khepri volume, measured in a range of 8 to 18, whose score is equivalent to a number of centimeters.

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