The spectrals are a race of ethereal, pale, and translucent entities that inhabit the city of Veel-Tark. Although their appearance may seem ghostly or supernatural, they are in fact intelligent and conscious beings, capable of interacting with the physical world and establishing relationships with other races.

The history of the spectrals is enigmatic and mysterious, and many aspects of their past are shrouded in legends and myths. According to these stories, the spectrals are beings that have existed since time immemorial, and have inhabited the darkest and most forgotten places of Veel-Tark. It is said that in ancient times they were a proud and powerful race, endowed with supernatural abilities and powers, but the destruction of the original city forced them to live in exile.

Since then, and for countless sequences of time, the spectrals have lived in the shadows, hidden and feared by the rest of the population of Veel-Tark. Although many consider them to be evil and dangerous creatures, others see them as wise and respectable beings, capable of offering unique knowledge and perspectives.

The spectrals are capable of communicating with other races through the use of their telepathy, and can even influence the physical world through their magical abilities. Many of them have become experts in the use of magic and in the manipulation of the invisible forces that govern the universe.

Despite their shadowy reputation, the Spectrals are in fact a peaceful and reflective race, dedicated to the study and exploration of the mysteries of the world. Through their wisdom and knowledge, they have managed to be accepted by the rest of the population of Veel-Tark and recognized as a race in the city.

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