The Cyanites are a race of humanoid beings with blue skin, a result of an evolutionary adaptation to the radiation of a star near their place of origin, originating from a world far from Veel-Tark. In an undefined Age, a great natural disaster devastated their world, forcing the Cyanites to seek a new home. After many generations of space travel, they finally arrived in the city of Veel-Tark and settled there.

Although they share many similarities with humans, the Cyanites have some unique characteristics that set them apart. Their blue skin gives them great resistance to radiation and allows them to adapt easily to different environments. Additionally, they are known to be highly intuitive and empathetic, which has allowed them to establish strong bonds with nature.

Despite having integrated into Veel-Tark's life, many Cyanites still long for their original home and strive to preserve their culture and traditions. Among these traditions are their ritual dances, textile art, and veneration of their ancestors. The Cyanites are a peaceful and respectful race that highly values harmony and balance. Their presence in the city has enriched cultural diversity and has allowed other inhabitants of Veel-Tark to learn from their wisdom and ancestral knowledge.

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