The Sentinels are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation in every corner of Veel-Tark, preventing altercations, providing well-being, and ensuring that the thirteen values in citizens' behavior are upheld. They are moderators, custodians, and peacemakers.

Branches: Seraphs and Archangels.


Houses: Captains and Guardians.

Seraphs are the watchers, those who are always on guard, those who maintain order. Those who are in charge of caring for and managing the entire Veel-Tark structure are the Captains. Those who ensure compliance with the rules and manage conflicts, acting as moderators, are the Guardians.


Houses: Healers and Explorers.

Archangels are sentinels who work directly with the citizens, addressing their possible dilemmas, questions, and even social issues. Those who provide mental care and well-being are the Healers, while those who help citizens find the right paths, guiding them, are the Explorers.

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