The cosmos machine

As above, so below

Given the impact that this writing must have had on Holberins' work, part of which constituted the project of the virtual city of Veel-Tark, whose model rested in the Bildung Complex in Fribourg (Germany), it is not difficult to understand the great importance that the Egyptian deity named Khepri acquired within said project. Its transformative nature, its rebirth, and its elevation from waste were revealing to the mysterious scientist.

Supposedly, Holberins commissioned the construction of a small-scale replica of the gear machinery described by Athanasius in his manuscript, which was included within the Veel-Tark model itself. This machinery came to represent the heart of the city; a tiny mechanical dung beetle was inserted into the wheel of the athanor to exert movement with the accumulative action of its front legs, causing the gear apparatus to rotate constantly, day and night, propelled by its own kinetic energy. The entire dynamics of Veel-Tark's enormous and complex structure depended, then, on the activity of a minuscule being.

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