Heirs of Eleusis

Mystic Order Of The New Eleusinian Cults

It is a semi-religious and spiritualist group, which takes the precepts of the precursor of this thought, Allan Kardec, and applies them to classical mystical disciplines, such as Orphic rituals and, above all, the Eleusinian cults. From the latter he takes the name and nature of their rites, as well as their mystical character and their vision of resurrection from the world of the dead. From Orphism it takes the conception of soma and sema, or the body as the prison of the soul. For the members of the Mysteric Order of the New Eleusinian Cults, the greatest knowledge is to be found in the contemplative, mystical experience, in the personal transformation involved in the Mysteric rite of trance itself.

Field of development: Gamification.

Colloquial name: Heirs of Eleusis

Symbol: A snake coiled in several circles, in which a bouquet of opium plants is entwined, representing narcosis and healing of the soul.

Motto /Slogan: You are life and death to suffering mortals, because you nourish all and annihilate all.

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