Long ago, in a distant world of Akasha, there existed a race of reptilians with great technological and scientific advancements. However, arrogance and greed led to a civil war that devastated their world and wiped out most of their population. The survivors fled in spaceships and, after years of wandering through space, arrived in the city of Veel-Tark.

The reptilians settled in the warmest and most humid areas of the place, where they could feel more comfortable and develop their physical abilities. Despite their intimidating appearance, they showed themselves to be peaceful and hardworking, and were soon accepted by the original population of the city.

Over time, the reptilians integrated into Veel-Tark's society and began contributing their technological and scientific knowledge, becoming one of the most important races in the city. Although some prejudices still persist, most citizens of Veel-Tark value the reptilians for their dedication to work and their ability to solve complex problems. However, many of them keep a great secret: their reptilian bodies contain a large amount of energy that allows them to access an unknown dimension, which they can travel to through a complex and dangerous process that only they know.

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