The Rebirth

The Conjunction of the Oracles

A hundred years had to pass, since its first creation, for the name Veel-Tark to be pronounced again.

In the year 2021, under the turbulent currents of the Third Industrial Revolution, within the framework of a new technological paradigm, geophysicist Alexander Reis detects a singular record in the waves of his seismograph while studying seismic movements over the tomb of Petosiris in el-Ashmunein (Egypt). The strange seismogram was surprisingly similar to the oscillations obtained by mathematician Iain Stewart when iterating the formula 2x²-1 to demonstrate its chaotic behavior:

Reis publishes this anomaly in a modest online study, which goes completely unnoticed by the scientific community. However, it catches the attention of a group of five researchers, self-proclaimed as the Oracles, who recognize the formula used by Stewart as the same one Athanasius had turned to a hundred years earlier in the Codex Hermopolitanus to develop his gear mechanism.

This group of Oracles then revives the old ideas of the five initiates, beginning to forge the rebirth of the city of Veel-Tark. Gathered near the necropolis of Tuna el-Yebel, they discover Athanasius' mechanism in full operation, and with its dynamics, they open a spacetime rift in order to find the city-state: the colossal game board that was engulfed in flames on New Year's Eve 1921, upon which the model of Veel-Tark was arranged.

The Oracles connect with the Akashic Records, located in the multidimensional space proposed by quantum physics. There, they find the residual image of Veel-Tark. Repopulating it and breathing life into it would be an arduous task. They needed to attract a large number of guilds and form new factions of knowledge to achieve it...

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