The Creation of Life

Encounter with the solar beetle

Based on the latest known details of his life, Holberins, the founding father of the city of Veel-Tark, began to give certain relevance to the figure of Khepri in the early 1910s. Khepri is an Egyptian deity who, in the form of a dung beetle pushing the solar disk, represents creation and rebirth, the constant transformation of existence. The significance that this figure acquired for Holberins can be related to a recurring need to reinvent himself, considering that his fascination with Khepri coincided with the zenith of a life filled with changes and the pursuit of spiritual truth through science: quantum mechanics and chaos mathematics, driven by scientists like Planck and Poincaré.

It also coincided with the fire that consumed the Bildung Complex (New Year's Eve 1921), the headquarters of the Scientific Research Center Sigma and a global cultural reference, from which only an allegorical sculpture representing the spiritual forces that move the world was saved. The threats that preceded this event once again pointed, for Holberins, to the need to rebuild his project through transformation.

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