Like the records of every event, form, and space in the universe, the Akasha connects with countless fantastic and unknown worlds. When, after the fire at the Bildung Complex and the destruction of the original city, Holberins projected its foundations into the quantum space of the Akasha, Veel-Tark began to spontaneously regenerate. This was made possible by the constant movement of Athanasius' contraption and the development of the Khepris, and it came into contact with many of these worlds inhabited by races of different nature. Some of these races started to inhabit the city of Veel-Tark.

Therefore, when the five Oracles brought the city out of the shadows in the ritual conducted in the necropolis of Tuna El-Yebel, they found that these races had proliferated in the place. While only a hundred years had passed in the physical world, in the Akasha, that time span covered unfathomable Ages. However, Veel-Tark still needed a much larger number of citizens to evolve within the metaverse, whose planes of existence are undulations of a gigantic brane colliding with the branes of other quantum spaces recorded by the Akasha. The Oracles called upon these other worlds to repopulate the city.

Currently, there are five races that form the population of Veel-Tark.

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