The biomechanical race originates from a highly technologically advanced world where biotechnology and robotics had developed to the point of merging into one. Their world was so overexploited that life as they knew it was in danger of extinction. As a result, the biomechanicals embarked on a journey to find a new home.

During their search, the biomechanicals discovered Veel-Tark, and the city seemed perfect for them to settle. The technology and creativity they found there fascinated them, and they quickly began integrating into the community.

Biomechanicals are beings that combine organic and mechanical elements. Their body structure is made of metal and plastic, but it seamlessly integrates with their biology. Their appearance varies greatly, but they often have humanoid forms with mechanical features such as exposed joints, interchangeable body parts, and visible electrical cables. Some have parts of their body that glow with colored lights, while others have a more opaque appearance, with darker materials and a more sinister look.

Biomechanicals are a peaceful and curious race, always seeking new ways to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world. They enjoy working with technology and creating new things, and many of them have found their place in the workshops and laboratories of Veel-Tark. They are also great advocates for the environment and are constantly working to find ways to balance technology and nature.

Despite their mechanical appearance, biomechanicals have great sensitivity and empathy, and are deeply connected to their inner world. They often have extrasensory perception abilities and can feel the emotions of those around them. As a result, they are a very empathetic race, capable of understanding and helping those around them.

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