Creative, scientific, artistic minds. Alchemists combine knowledge and imagination, research and experimentation. And also a dash of fantasy. They are the inventors, the discoverers, the innovators.

Branches: Handcrafters and Engineers.


Houses: Draftsmen and Aesthetes.

They are the creative spirits of the city: design, graphics, photography, music etc. Those who are dedicated to designing the city's representations, on a small and large scale, are the Draftsmen, while those who give Veel-Tark its entity from the arts are the Aesthetes.


Houses: Architects and Automatons.

They are the ones who work with codes and chains of information, creating the virtual structure that supports the operation of every corner of the city. Some develop the virtual foundations of Veel-Tark, and are called Architects. An eccentric group works with artificial intelligences and virtual consciousness, and are colloquially known as Automatons.

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