Attributes, by their nature, are mutable, causing changes in the Khepri's abilities and in the degree of these abilities. Such mutations can reach the point of burning the specimen. Likewise, the attribute of Experience can assist in higher mutations, causing the khepri to evolve.

Ka: represents the Khepri's vital energy, which can decrease or increase. It measures its life and stamina. It ranges from 0 to 99. When it is 10 or less, the Khepri is in a dormant state (stasis), unable to perform any function until it rises above 10 points. When the Ka reaches 0, the Khepri burns out.

Atmu: psyche (soul) of the Khepri; it accumulates knowledge and, as it ascends through its 12 levels, accesses different spaces, functioning as a key. The 12 levels are analogous to the night hours of Ancient Egypt:

  • Ra

  • Henksu

  • Neter

  • Seker

  • Khemit

  • Osiris

  • Shemsu

  • Mehen

  • Amentet

  • Aker

  • Petra

  • Nut

Heka: is the magical power possessed by the Khepri. Like Ka, it is measured on a range from 0 to 99.

Experience: points that are gained through experience and help to increase attributes (no more than 999 Experience points can be accumulated).

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