Those who make their living from letters, history and fantasy. Accumulators of knowledge, collectors of legends, creators of dreams. They are those who protect culture, those who write the times; but also those who dream of what could be.

Branches: Chroniclers and Erudites.


Houses: Logographers and Bards.

They write and spread the word of both the history and the present of Veel-Tark. They thus work from two perspectives: synchronic and diachronic. Those who research from the diachronic perspective are known as Logographers, literary collectors of Veel-Tark's legends and history; those who focus on the synchronic perspective, collecting news and present-day chronicles of the city, are the Bards.


Houses: Hierophants and Thaumaturges

They are the scholars, experts in different subjects who, because of their wide and varied knowledge, are responsible for the creation, formation and composition of Veel-Tark, either directly or by advising. The scholars and experts in different subjects are the Hierophants. The creators and entrepreneurs, illusionists of experience, are called Thaumaturges because of their ability to work wonders.

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