International Confederation of the Sixth Root Race

This Faction takes as the starting point for its studies the genesis of our world as conceived by occult historians, with special emphasis on the prehistoric period. The Akasha Chronicles will be it's main source, and will thus be interested in the evolution of the continents and mythical cities (Atlantis, Lemuria, Agartha) and in the succession of the different root races, which emerged from the Atlantists, and of which the sixth would be the next step in the evolution of the human being.

Field of Development: Arts.

Colloquial Name: Neoatlantists.

Symbol: Six concentric circles, on top of which is superimposed a rhombus whose angles and sides emanate different lines representing the rays of the rising sun.

Motto / Slogan: The spirit which in this world is allegory will animate a new body in the world in which it is divinity.

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