The race of humanites, also known as "cyberhumans," emerged as technology evolved and fused with the human mind. These beings possess a direct connection to web3, which allows them to access information and applications almost instantly.

Most humanites have a similar appearance to humans, although with some differences. Many possess peculiar features, such as patterns of spots on their faces or anomalies in the size of certain parts of the head, which enhance their vision, strength, or mental abilities. Some have even modified their bodies to resemble alien individuals.

The humanite society is very advanced and technology-oriented. They often work in technology-related areas, such as programming, engineering, and research. Most of them feel more comfortable online than in the physical world and have developed a unique culture based on technology and connectivity.

However, despite their love for technology, humanites are very aware of the dangers and challenges posed by the online world. Many of them work to improve security and protect citizens from attacks in the metaverse, virtual and digital.

Cyberhuman culture values collaboration and teamwork and often come together to work on important projects and achieve common goals. They are also very aware of the need to balance technology and humanity and constantly seek ways to integrate advances in ways that enhance human life rather than replace it.

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